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Voices of History®: Israel

Personal accounts of many of the more significant events of the last hundred years. The set consists of 58 audiocassettes, each one focusing on a different topic of interest. As fascinating as the subject matter, are the interviewees themselves: former Israeli prime ministers David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Menachem Begin, presidents Yitzhak Navon and Ezer Weizman, archaeologist Yigael Yadin and statesman Abba Eban, to name but a few.
Please indicate which audio(s) you wish to purchase! A11. The First Colony: Mayor Oved Ben Ami A12. Theodore Herzl, the Man: Flora Muszkat A13. Eliezer Ben-Yehudah: Dola Ben-Yehudah Wittmann A14. Seder at Cassino (Italy): Meshulam Riklis A15. The Warsaw Ghetto Revolt: Wladka Meed A16. Exodus 1947: A Passenger - Mordecai Friedland A17. The Birth of the State: David Ben Gurion A18. Operation “Magic Carpet”: Ted Stern                                            A19. I Fought For the Western Wall: Danny Koenigstein A20. “My Jerusalem”: Mayor Teddy Kollek A21. Beginnings - A Retrospective Evaluation: David Ben Gurion                  A22. The Bilu: Amram Hazanoff A23. Jerusalem, the Old Yishuv: Moshe Nathanson A24. Hashomer: Rahel Yanit Ben-Zvi A25. Afforestation & Land Reclamation: Yosef Weitz A26. Founding a City - Netanya: Mayor Oved Ben-Ami A27. The Parachutists: Rehaveam Amir A28. Religion in Tzahal: Chief Rabbi Gen. Shlomo Goren A29. Masada: Professor Yigael Yagin A30. The Six Day War: General (Res.) Chaim Herzog A31. Reclaiming the Huleh Marshes: Jacob Tsur A32. The Haganah: Dr. Moshe Sneh A33. The Irgun: Menachem Begin A34. The Rescue of Danish Jewry - Part I Henrik Kraft, Chief Rabbi Bent Melchior, Ambassador Ebe Munk, Prof.Ole Secher A35. The Rescue of Danish Jewry - Part II A36. After Liberation: Rabbi Judah Nadich A37. The War of Independence: Professor Yigael Yadin A38. The Cave Dwellers: A. In The Caves: Meshulam Riklis                                                B. Exodus: Baruch Duvdevani C. In Israel: Rahamim Haggag A39. The Eichmann Trial: Gideon Hausner A40. Archaeology: Professor Nahman Avigad A41. Degania-The First Kibbutz: Hayuta Bussel A42. Pioneering Years - Recollections: Golda Meir A43. The Palmach: Yigal Allon A44. Underground Radio Link, New York-Tel Aviv: Herman Gross, Reuben Gross A45. The Siege of Jerusalem: Dr. Dov Joseph A46. In The International Arena: Abba Eban A47. The Hebrew University: Pres. Avraham Harman A48. The Legal & Judicial System: Justice Moshe Landau A49. Citadels of Healing: Professor Kalman Mann A50. Bedouin Doctor: Dr.Younis Abu Rabia A51. The Bar Kokhba Letters: Professor Yigael Yadin A52. The Jewish National Fund: Ambass. Jacob Tzur, Zvulun Paran, Hayuta Bussel et al A53. The Beginnings of Tel Aviv: Yehudit Harari A54. The Zion Mule Corps: Rafael Aboulafia, Ephraim Auerbach, Leon L. Gildesgame A55. Nili - Part I: Rifka Aaronsohn, Rafael Aboulafia, Prof. Alexander M. Dushkin A56. Nili - Part II: Aaronsohn, Aboulafia, Dushkin A57. The Shaare Zedek Hospital: Zvi Kaspi, Nahum Pessin, Sister Selma A58. Americans in the War of Liberation: Mahal Veterans A59. The Battle for Jerusalem: Gen. Mordechai (Motta) Gur A60. Golan Kibbutz: After the Six Day War: Rachel, Uri, Mordecai After the Yom Kippur War: Erela, Mira, Mordechai A61. The Temple Mount Excavations: Prof. Benjamin Mazar A62. Child of the First Aliyah - Part 1: Yehudit Harari A63. Child of the First Aliyah - Part 2: Yehudit Harari                              A64. Pioneer Doctor: Dr. Helena Kagan A65. Americans Build a City - Herzliyah: Samuel W. Levine, Annie Levine, Dr. Avraham C. Nevo, Colonel (Res.) Jozef Nevo A66. The Sefardim: Yitzhak Navon A67. Building the Air Force: Ezer Weizman                       A68. The Weizmann Institute: Meyer W. Weisgal
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