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More Precious than Gold and The Evil Wizard

2 animated stories on one dvd.
More Precious Than Gold takes place on a merchant ship in ancient Israel. Wealthy merchants on board boast of their fabulous goods while one poor elderly passenger sits quietly and pours over his books; the scholar is ridiculed by the others. One day pirates attack and plunder the ship. When the ship reaches its port, only the old man receives a joyous welcome from the awaiting crowd. His merchandiseó the learning he acquired- could never be stolen by robbers. It is more precious than gold! Long ago, in the Holy Land, a wise man was invited to teach the local children. As the children march off happily to school, their joyous song descends into the world of darkness and wakes up the demons. Satan, in the guise of an evil wizard, attempts to frighten the children. The wise man, however, believing in the ultimate power of goodness, unselfishness, and love, uses this understanding to defeat the Evil Wizard. Recommended for ages 4-10. 17 MIN.